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Ep 10: Caring for Children with Cancer

October 5, 2022
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Tumaini La Maisha Tanzania: Caring for Children with Cancer

Tumaini La Maisha translates to Hope for Life as a means of provding both clinical and non-clinical care to children with cancer FREE of charge. An operating NGO, TLM aims to support the most vunerable and poorest populations of the world. About 85% of Childhood cancer arises in low to middle income countries where the need for care is the greatest and access to recourses substantially.

Tumaini La Maisha is a group of charities based in Tanzania, Ireland & UK with the united aim to reach every child in Tanzania who develops cancer and treat them with high-quality cancer treatment free of charge with the hope for a continued and healthy life. With over 80% of the 400,000 children who develop cancer each year living in low-income and middle-income countries due to a complex range of poverty-related limitations, markedly different levels of access to quality care, and rates of treatment abandonment.  

TLM has created 2 powerful medical devices to modify these entirely unacceptable LMIC childhood cancer outcomes dramatically, with the potential of saving countless young lives and ensuring strict adherence to treatment protocols, and minimizing human error in Chemotherapy scheduling, calculations, and other protocol-directed decisions.

Key Features

  • CleverChart is unique and has the potential to help save the lives of 100,000 children diagnosed with cancer in LMICs worldwide.
  • CleverChemo: CleverCancerCare for proper diagnosis and care by ensuring strict adherence to treatment protocols.
  • Giving children with cancer in Tanzania appropriate access to quality services leads to cure rates seen in resource-rich settings.
  • All children living in Tanzania who develop cancer are diagnosed in a timely fashion to enable treatment with curative intent.
  • Enabling appropriate access to good quality pediatric oncology services.
  • Ensuring that no child living with cancer should live no more than 4 hours away from a participating National Children’s Cancer Network site.

"A huge thank you to Flapmax and everyone involved. It has been a really rewarding experience! "

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