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Ep 11: The Future of Smart Real Estate

October 12, 2022
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SILQU: The Future of Smart Real Estate

SILQU is a fast-growing, most advanced Smart technological platform with a focus on Real Estate. We aim to bridge the gap between Real estate needs and Technology with an advanced USSD/web app-based Proptech platform that helps landlords, property managers, and other property owners streamline rent management, tenant management, and facility management with an inbuilt accounting platform with superior efficiency and ease in a smart way.

SILQU has built capacity in key real estate functions critical in ensuring the delivery of professional services and solutions to any emerging real estate challenges. We come to the table as partners rather than a service provider, combining our business and entrepreneurial vision with amazing tech expertise and the ability to expedite effectively and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Building a system for automated rental and utility collection
  • Automated tenant and landlord management to see tenant profiles, monthly reports, statements, and balances
  • Ability to View accrued debt and pending invoices for each property and tenant through the platform
  • Market properties and connection with tenants
  • Striving to continuously innovate and be proactive in developing advanced smart solutions in real estate.
  • Connect with professionals through our application

"A huge thank you to Flapmax and everyone involved. It has been a really rewarding experience! "

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