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Ep 2: Making seamless mobility a reality in Africa

July 21, 2022
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KaCyber: Making Seamless Mobility In a Reality In Africa

Kacyber proposes the quickest and safest way to book tickets. A digital solution serves mainly two market segments; the public transport operators and their customers (passengers). We help transport operators build robust digital ticketing and payment systems that generate more revenue while decreasing their operational costs.

The system allows transport operators of buses, trains, and ferries to issue digital tickets, generate more revenue while reducing their operational costs, and further empowers the people that use transport services to book tickets in a simplified, safer, and more convenient way.

"I used this as a chance to upskill the my key materials in areas of business development...It has been such a good journey.."

KaCyber CEO & Founder, Innocent Orikiiriza


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