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Ep 3: Repayments for lenders and insurance companies

July 26, 2022
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Lynkwise: Repayments for lenders and insurance companies

Lynkwise’s platform is used by Banks, insurers and Tech companies to do collections via direct payroll integration. Any financial institution, any payroll, any employee.   We are currently being used by the largest banks and insurance companies in Africa and are changing the way Africans use financial services.  Our Payroll Deduction Management Platform has a three-sided benefit: Employees: – Gain Access to a wider range of regulated financial services.  – Real time access to earned wages.   Employers:  – Manage ALL third-party payroll deductions from a single, live, cloud-based platform with 100% accuracy.  – Sync your third-party deductions on demand via file share or direct API integration.  Financial Institutions:  – Manage collections via direct payroll access. No more bad debts.  – Connect using our API to ensure data is always accurate and up to date.

Key Features

  • Provides a Payroll Deduction Management Platform (PDMP) that acts as the secure centralized interface between these financial institutions and the employer.
  • Increasing access to a wider spectrum of more affordable financial products.
  • Giving employees financial security by engaging responsibly with institutions
  • Eliminating bad debts with direct payroll access
  • Building a system that provides employees with wider access to financial and other services, including short and long-term insurance policies as well as affordable financing.

FAST Accelerator gave us the wings to fly across Africa and the world.

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