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Ep 4: Automating HR for all African businesses

August 3, 2022
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Pade: Automating HR for all African businesses

Pade is building Africa’s largest database of verified earners, via end-to-end HR and Payroll technology. Pade is a business optimization product that helps simplify, automate and efficiently execute HR and administrative tasks for businesses in Africa. From Employee Information Management, Leave, Loans & Salary Advances, Procurement, Performance Management and Payroll, to leveraging AI for HR Analytics.

Our vision is to provide these services for companies all over the continent, with a big portion of our focus being on small to medium scale businesses, however, our software is also designed to help large corporations who want to be nimbler with managing HR and admin tasks. Our strategy is to deploy software that is quick, nimble and easy to use without rigid workflows for a dynamic range of businesses. Users can have as little as 10 staff to several thousand staff.

Key Features

  • Providing a fully automated payroll for local and remote employees in Africa’s most advanced payroll engine.
  • Ability to set up approval workflows for Payroll, Leave, Promotions, or Profile Updates, making sure nothing goes past required authority with custom approval workflows.
  • A system that can create custom notifications when a manager approves an employee’s leave or when an employee is exiting.  


  • Employee Information Management.
  • Requests – PTO, Exits, Documents, Redeployment
  • Payroll – local and Global Payroll, Automated Payroll.
  • Approval Workflows.
  • Custom Notifications
  • Benefits
  • Performance
  • Disciplinary
  • Reports
  • Audit

FAST Accelerator gave us the wings to fly across Africa and the world.

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