Season 1

Ep 5: Partner with your doctor. Leverage your data. Pay less.

August 10, 2022
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Snark Health: Partner with your doctor. Leverage your data. Pay Less.

Snark Health is the next generation of healthcare built around the Doctor-Patient relationship. Helping patients improve their access to healthcare and lower their cost of care.  

Snark Health helps doctors make more money through the Hippocratic Coin® alternative payment model with “data as a common resource” using blockchain technology, liquidity pools, and a trusted payment network, without the need for governmental or commercial healthcare insurance.  

We help people partner with their doctors to create Health and Earn Money when current spending on health care is not sustainable.


  • A system that Improves access to the right care, right place, and the right price for patients
  • Creating an opportunity to meet a doctor through the platform
  • Enabling less payment for health care by lowering fees on consultations with doctors
  • Creates an avenue to earn more money for doctors by increasing their practice to serve more patients
  • Enabling a system built around the doctor-patient relationship and automation of operational processes
  • Increase higher quality and better experience to track and manage your health

FAST Accelerator gave us the wings to fly across Africa and the world.

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