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Ep 6: The All-in-One Precision AgTech Platform

August 17, 2022
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Visual and AI Solutions (VAIS): The All-In-One Agtech Platform

Visual and Artificial Intelligence Solutions (VAIS) is a deep-tech company that develops innovative AI/deep learning algorithms and solutions for use in the domains of agricultural technology (AgriTech) and multispectral Earth Observation (EO) data analytics. The VAIS platform covers the overall spectrum of services needed for agricultural precision (anomaly detection, irrigation scheduling, yield estimation, etc.), as well as novel field scouting applications.

Key Features

  • On-the-fly generation and display of aggregated/detailed farm/field statistics and a Simple interface, innovative visualizations for automatic report generation.
  • Farm/Field data with all inputs and decisions are saved on the cloud for continuous follow-up and enhanced future recommendations.
  • Continuously monitors water levels and computes irrigation requirements to provide region-based optimal micro-irrigation scheduling and Generates alerts related to stresses, growth, yield, nutrients, and irrigation issues .
  • Employs ground-level sensing technologies (LiDAR, depth sensors) for enhanced yield estimation and decreasing the need for expert scouts, and reducing scouting costs.

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